Julia, 4 years on..

“I have been seeing Jo as my Personal Trainer for 4 years now. I have seen a huge improvement in my fitness and endurance. She is an incredibly committed professional, providing a tailored service to her clients. I cannot recommend her more highly”

Holistic in her approach to fitness

“Jo is an excellent trainer. She is truly holistic in her approach to fitness. She is very encouraging and understanding and I can’t recommend her enough”

Weightloss and strength

“Three years on and my goals have changed significantly from those I set originally. I train a minimum of three hours a week but try to do more and with Jo’s help and guidance I realise that it’s not about being skinny but instead I’m focusing on being strong and being physically the best version of me that I can be. I enjoy coming to training, I cannot imagine it not being a part of my life, it’s good for me both mentally and physically. I genuinely don’t believe however that I would still have these feelings towards exercise if it hadn’t been for going on this journey with Jo”

Tim, always varied with no two sessions being the same.

“Jo gave me the support and pushed me towards my goals, a support that I hadn’t felt when I had tried personal training before. My training sessions are always varied with no two sessions being the same. When I tell Jo I want to focus on an area of my body my training program evolves to support this. I’ve never before received that dedication from a trainer previously”

Energy levels have increased

“I started with one session a week and noticed very quickly how I was improving and growing in strength and confidence. After about 6 months I really started to notice my body shape changing and also my energy levels were better than before”


“I started training with Jo three years ago, overweight and as someone who hated any form of exercise. I knew that for my health I needed to start doing some and having seen Jo go through her own personal transformation I felt she was the right person to start with”

Katie:  anti-natal and post-natal fitness client

“Jo helped me throughout my pregnancy up until I was 7 months pregnant, then we started post-natal workouts when my baby was 3 months. Jo was excellent with her knowledge throughout my pregnancy adapting my workouts to fit, helping me stay active throughout. We waited till I was fully recovered, then Jo helped me to start building my fitness again post birth. I can’t recommend her enough she is a highly skilled trainer and a lovely person to see each week”