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A bit about me

I started personal training in a client capacity in 2009, which is when I started to take my fitness seriously. Since then, I have been on a life changing journey with both highs and lows, the rewards have been immeasurable.

I qualified as a Personal Trainer at the age of 46 and this experience has inspired me to realise my passion. Throughout my PT career I have learned that personal training is so much more than a run or lifting weights – it’s helping clients on a journey of self discovery and unlocking their true potential to maximise results, not only for aesthetic reasons but also total health & wellbeing.

I am committed to making your experience as rewarding as mine.Let me help you to become the best version of yourself.


During the summer of 2018, I started having problems with my back. After training, it would become very stiff and got to the point that when I got out of bed, I couldn’t stand up straight. I pushed on through but eventually had to give in and visit my GP as I was in so much pain.
I was diagnosed with degeneration of the spine, Spondylolisthesis, a slipping of my lower vertebrae. Being a PT and very much into my fitness, this was a massive blow. Having been referred to a specialist, the initial course of treatment was spinal injections. This has greatly helped my condition but ultimately, it is something that can never be fixed.
Throughout this period, I was in a lot of pain & discomfort, but this didn’t change my attitude to exercise. My training methods had to change to accommodate this, but not a days training was missed due to this. I now focus on my core strength and every exercise I undertake is carried out with optimal technique, especially when loading my spine. This is really paying off and I am slowing introducing some of the training I did previously back into my regime.
Sometimes you need to take a step back to be able to move forward.
Don’t let injuries stop you from moving or being active – in most cases, this is the worst thing you can do.

Back to Olympic Lifting in 2019

If you have any problems with your back and are nervous about exercise, please get in touch and I can advise from experience,


L2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (Accredited by Active IQ)
L3 Certificate in Personal Training (Accredited by Active IQ)
L3 Diploma in Exercise Referral (accredited by Active IQ)
Award in Instructing Circuit Sessions (Accredited by Active IQ)
Award in Working with Communities to promote and support Active Healthy Lifestyles Work (Accredited by Active I Q)
Certified ViPR and Kettle Bell Instructor
Master Kettle Bell Instructor
St Johns Ambulance Emergency First Aid at Work
Hatton ABC Fundamentals Boxing for Fitness Instructor
Hatton ABC Advanced Boxing for Fitness Instructor
Advanced Nutrition for weight management
Nutritional Advice for Physical Activity, pre/post exercise Nutrition                                      Performance Hertfordshire Strength and Conditioning Level 1 workshop

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